SIF Lab Access

SIF Lab Access

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This training is setup to prepare you with safety information and emergency procedures in order to access Coorstek 040, 040B, and the 040 cleanroom as well as the Hill Hall cleanroom. This will only enable access to the space. You must contact the person in charge of the particular instrument you want to use so they can train you on the specific instrument (contact information available under Equipment list). Please complete the following steps to get access to one or more of the CK040 or HH210/312 Shared labs.

1. Complete EHS Laboratory Safety Training (

2. Complete EHS Hazardous Waste Training (

3. Read the documents Chemical-electrical-pressure safetyGeneral Safety Policies and Stop Work Authority under Pages.

4. Complete the Lab Safety Quiz under Quizzes. You must get 100% correct to move on. Otherwise, keep cycling between 3 and 4.

5. Steps 5a and 5b are needed only if you want access to 040 Cleanroom. If you want access to only the Cleanroom, you still have to do 1-5 and 7-10. 

      a. Read the document 'Cleanroom Safety' under Pages

      b. Complete the Cleanroom Safety Quiz under Quizzes. Cycle through 5a/5b until you get 100% answers correct

6. Download the form called 'User Specific Requirements' from Files. Fill it out. Save it with the naming convention 'FirstName_LastName_MMYYYY' and upload it to the assignment User Specific Requirements. 

7. Download MSDS for any NEW chemicals you will be bringing into CK040 or HH312 and upload it to the assignment MSDS; if not bringing in new chemicals, this is not necessary. 

3. Download the form called 'Advisor Consent', get it signed by your advisor. Digital signatures are acceptable. Upload it to the assignment 'Advisor Consent' in pdf or png format. 

7. Take the quiz 'Checklist'.

8. Notify Alex Dixon that you have taken the quiz 'Checklist' via email to gain card access. 

9. Register for a FOM account through Mines (, and through the FOM system, request training on whichever piece of equipment you need. 

10. There is a page called "Equipment training information" and linked there are introductory materials for many of the machines in CK040 and HH310/312. Please watch the videos/read the manuals before being trained in person for the machine. 

11. After receiving training, your status on FOM will be updated, and you can then reserve time on the equipment you need to use. 




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